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Movie Props of New York City

New York City is one of the most filmed cities in the world. It has been the center piece for massive world destruction scenes, the backdrop to alien invasions and the home for romantic movies next to Paris. However, some of these movies were never even filmed in New York City due to the busy nature of the city itself. It is simply too difficult, too time consuming and too expensive to film on location all of the time. In order to make it look like the movie was filmed in New York City, the movie companies use props of New York City buildings and monuments that fool the view into believing that they are truly looking at New York City.

Props are a common movie magic staple. A prop is able to draw attention and convey information about what is going on around the characters or to set a scene. The movie props of New York City can be as simple as backdrops that display the New York City skyline that so many people are able to recognize. They may be as elaborate as a mock up of an entire city street in New York City that is accurate right down to the graffiti detailing. These more elaborate mock ups are typically used if the filming is occurring during a season that is contrary to the season that the movie is set in and there a deadline for the movie production.

A lot of the older movie props of New York City can no longer be used to represent a current New York City. This is because many of the older buildings, including the iconic Twin Towers, are no longer a part of the New York City landscape. In addition, changes to the sky line are frequent as more buildings are built higher and more unique in design in hopes of catching the attention of the passer-bys. New York is in a race to against itself to maintain its right to be one of the best known cities in the world and the cultural hub for America.

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